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About Us

Frank Rossbach is the owner of the Glassforms Art Studio in Truckee, CA, as well as the online studio known as Truckee Glass Blowing.com.

Frank’s been practicing the timeless art of glass blowing for more than 30 years. He first learned his craft at the age of 15 from his father Gerhardt Rossbach. The elder Rossbach’s teachings eventually led Frank to a full apprenticeship in East Germany.

Frank’s experience ranges from solid works of art in the form of sea animals, flowers and wedding cake tops, to all manner of blown items, including wine glasses, oil lamps, mythical creatures and more.

Today, custom work provides an exciting challenge for Frank in his Truckee, CA studio. On any given day you can watch Frank in his studio as he creates modern pieces of contemporary elegance right before your eyes. Currently he is combining colored glass lusters and sand-blasting techniques with clear glass to produce beautiful design contrast. His creations range from modestly priced gift items to larger, more exquisite art pieces.

Visitors are always welcome at Frank’s working studio-gallery, so stop by and see ordinary glass transformed into colorful works of art!

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